The BMW M Vision Next features lines that pay homage to the historic M1 of 1978 and innovative technology for displaying information. The hybrid engine delivers 600 hp.

BMW Vision M Next

On the occasion of the #NextGen event in Munich, BMW dropped the veils on the Vision M Next, the German brand’s concept car devoted to sportiness in a hybrid key.

What is immediately striking about the BMW Vision M Next are its taut and contemporary lines that pay homage to the glorious M1 signed by Giugiaro and the M1 Hommage. The front is decidedly elaborate and, as now seen on the latest models of the House of Monaco, it has a double kidney of important dimensions that dominates the entire nose.

BMW Vision M Next

Great attention has been paid to aerodynamics thanks to the presence of two large deflectors, painted in contrasting colour in Thrilling Orange, which directs the air flush with the wheel arches, while the headlights, equipped with Laser Wire technology, have reduced dimensions and an aggressive design that gives character to the BMW Vision M Next.

The side is sculpted and muscular. The line of the windshield is notably inclined and the undulating shape of the roof flows harmoniously with the rear of the car. Cooling of the hybrid powertrain is ensured by two air intakes. One, decidedly wide, is positioned in front of the rear wheel arch, while the second, smaller in size, is inserted inside the C-pillar and integrates perfectly with the ribs that run through the side. The air vents above the rear wheel arch recall the element present on the historic M1.

BMW Vision M Next

The rear of the BMW Vision M Next is equally elaborate. The glass surface of the rear window is made of three elements and has a very geometric design, while the headlights follow the squared line of the B side and amplify the sporty image of the Monaco car. There is also a generously sized diffuser.

The interiors are decidedly futuristic, featuring two screens in the steering wheel, a curved screen on the dashboard and a head-up display with augmented reality on the windscreen. The large central tunnel clearly divides the area dedicated to the driver from that reserved for the passenger, while the anodized titanium, the synthetic fibres and the blue and orange colour combinations make the interior unique and exclusive.

BMW Vision M Next

Like the BMW i8, the BMW M Vision M Next also uses a hybrid powertrain. The heat engine is a 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine which, associated with electric motors, is able to express a total power of 600 horsepower. Using exclusively the petrol engine, the traction of the BMW M Vision Next is only at the rear, to become integral when electric motors are also used.

The BMW M Vision Next reaches 100 km / h from standstill in just 3 seconds and is able to reach the maximum speed of 300 km / h, while the declared range in fully electric mode is 100 km.

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