You adore the New BMW M4 2021 (here the dedicated article), are you a fan of the M department but you just can’t “digest” the new vertical double kidney of the sports coupe? No problem, Prior Design takes care of it, which has just released official images of a possible aesthetic kit that could start producing in the coming months.

BMW M4 2021

The double kidney of the BMW M4 2021 will no longer be a problem

If you are part of that group of M fanatics who have raged against BMW’s new stylistic shorts, now you have salvation. The German tuner Prior Design has in fact designed what appears to be an optional bumper for the BMW M4 2021 (and probably will also arrive for the M3 2021) which goes to redesign the much-discussed double kidney. In this way, the two iconic air intakes of the Munich cars will be smaller and will have a size more in keeping with BMW tradition. Among the novelties of the tuning, we also find a new lowered trim, more rigid and which gives a better attitude to the M4. For Prior Design, which has always been used to much more particular works, it will certainly not be a problem to create something like this. Customers will have no problem finding them so we look forward to official photos.


What would the new 4 Series be like without that grille?

The debate on the “big nose” or the “big teeth” of the new BMW 4 Series (as we often hear around the web) is more heated than ever. There are those who manage to overcome this affront to a stylistic trait so iconic for BMW and those who, on the other hand, cannot quite digest it, even pointing to it as “the worst front ever seen to date”. We are absolutely not of this opinion. We like the new 4 Series and it also looks quite aggressive. Maybe ok, it loses that BMW DNA but it still remains a beautiful coupe.

Now you can find everything on the web and a few hours after the presentation of the new Series 4 some designers enjoyed imagining the front without that new grille, shrinking it following the “old style”. Well, what do you think? I can’t express myself, but maybe it loses that extra detail that differentiates it. Below the official 4 Series, with the updated grid.

BMW M4 2021


Speaking frankly, I appreciate it when a car manufacturer tries to change a custom (albeit aesthetic in this specific case) to create something different, bold, and more in step with the times. The BMW Double Kidney had become a trademark but at times clashed with the new body lines. Now the German engineers will be able to research new aesthetic solutions for their cars starting from the revised grille while the BMW designers themselves have candidly whispered to us that the response from customers, at the sight of the “ nasal ” facelift, has been largely positive.

What matters most, however, is what you think. Do you like the new grill? Would you have preferred not to touch the Double Kidney at all or do you like this reinterpretation of the classic?

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