The open-air variant of Monaco yields to the canvas roof while maintaining the stylistic language of the coupé.
BMW 4 Series Convertible, open air with canvas roof

After the coupé variant presented in June, the family of the new BMW 4 Series is now expanding with the entry in the price list of the convertible version. Compared to the previous generation it has been improved in several respects, while the most important novelty is the presence of a new canvas top, in place of the rigid one of the previous series.

Lighter and more streamlined

From a stylistic point of view, the new BMW 4 Series Convertible aligns with the stylistic language inaugurated by its closed sister. On the front, in fact, the presence of the new and much-discussed large double kidney stands out, on the sides of which the LED headlights develop, but which, on request, can also take advantage of modern laser technology.

But the main novelty of the BMW 4 Series Convertible, as we said, is represented by the new canvas sunroof which weighs 40% less than the previous metal roof. Long 4.77 meters ensures enough space for four people and also with the roof open the load compartment it is able to accommodate the luggage of all occupants thanks to 300 litres capacity, rising to 385 litres if you close the convertible top.


All to drive

BMW 4 Series Convertible, open air with canvas roof

Moreover, compared to the previous generation, the new BMW 4 Series convertible ensures better driveability thanks not only to the stiffer chassis but also to the presence of the M Sport suspension, which brings with it the variable-ratio steering, the adaptive control suspension electronic, increased braking system and rear differential lock.

On the engines, six solutions available, three petrol and three diesel, with power ranging from 184 hp and 374 hp, with all units equipped with six-cylinder systems mild hybrid.

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