Self-driving cars aim to reduce traffic accidents but are also intended to create new risks to driver and pedestrian safety due to cyber threats related to the use of artificial intelligence (AI): the warnings were issued by two European agencies. Union, cybersecurity agency Enisa and the Jrc Joint Research Center.


Computer attacks

Vehicles Are at Risk of Cyber Attacks

In a report especially prepared to illustrate the IT security risks for driverless vehicles, the main focus is on artificial intelligence systems that employ machine learning techniques. Technologies for collecting, analyzing, and transmitting data are useful in generating automated solutions for which people in conventional cars are responsible. In general, vehicles use a variety of technological devices (radar, lidar, sensors, etc.) to try to detect vertical and horizontal traffic signs, detect other means, assess speed or plan a route to be followed. Apart from unforeseen risks such as sudden failure, artificial intelligence systems are also used.


Crucial security

“When dangerous self-driving vehicles cross the borders of EU member states, the same thing happens with a weak point. Safety should not be a sideline, but must be a prerequisite for reliable and dependable use of these vehicles on European roads,” said Juhan Lepasaar. , managing director of the Cyber ​​Security Agency. “It is important,” added Stephen Quest, CEO of JCR, “that European regulations ensure that the benefits of autonomous driving are not offset by safety risks. Support for decision-making at the EU level.


The recommendations

Therefore, the report contains several recommendations for increasing the safety level of driverless vehicles. It starts with routine maintenance of artificial intelligence system components during the entire vehicle life cycle in order to ensure appropriate behavior in unexpected situations or dangerous attacks. It also requires an ongoing process of assessing and identifying potential threats related to the deployment of AI in driverless cars, an adequate legal framework, and comprehensive safety culture throughout the vehicle supply chain. There is no shortage of advice for the all-wheel-drive sector: the auto industry must follow a “design by design” approach to the development and application of artificial intelligence, where information security has been a central element of digital design from its inception. Lastly, it is important for the automotive sector to upgrade disaster preparedness and preparedness skills to address cybersecurity issues related to AI.”

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