Tthe hypercar from 1.69 seconds in the shot 0-100 km / the new super sports car of the Japanese Aspark will be produced in Italy in a limited edition of 50 units at a cost of almost 3 million Euros per unit

Aspark Owl Hypercar

There are now many electric hypercars presented in recent times: from the Alieno Arcanum to the Elation Freedom, from the Bugatti Bolide to the Pininfarina Battista, we are facing a real revolution in the high-performance automotive sector, which is trying in every way to get the most out of it. advantage of the potential offered by the new battery technologies and zero emissions.

In this four-wheeled “garage” of beauties, today another one enters, built to definitively break down the 2-second wall in the 0-100 km / h sprint with a standing start. It is called Aspark Owl and is a Japanese hypercar that will see the light very soon thanks to the partnership with the very Italian Manifattura Automobili Torino, a company involved in the Aspark project and which, therefore, will take care of the construction of a lot so far limited to only 50 units.

Aspark Owl

This is a particularly ambitious car, announced as early as 2017 and which is currently visible at the special showroom set up in Japan by Aspark. Its features? As a good electric hypercar, it is equipped with four three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors, installed one per wheel in order to donate all-wheel drive to the project. With all this goodness, the overall power reaches 1958 horsepower, enough to break that surprising result of 1.69 seconds in the tests carried out on the 0-100 that earned him the award for ” fastest car in the world “.

The battery installed, on the other hand, is 64 kWh, which will allow it to guarantee a maximum range of 450 km calculated in the NEDC cycle of use. But that’s not all: to emphasize even more its extreme hypercar athletic skills there is also a chassis and bodywork completely in carbon fiber, which allow it to contain the total weight by 2 tons. Even the aerodynamics have been taken care of down to the smallest detail by the Japanese engineers, given the presence of an automatic rear wing capable of guaranteeing, according to them, a downforce comparable to that of the Formula 1 single-seaters.

Aspark Owl Hypercar

The recipe proposed by Aspark, however, has a cost … among other things, very salty! The price of the Owl, in fact, will settle at 2.9 million euros, for a distribution that will bring 20 units to Europe and the remaining 30 to North America, Japan, and most likely also to the Middle East.

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