The Modese Ares announces the “Barchetta” version of the S1 super sports car. It has a 715hp V8 that guarantees a 0-100 in 2.7 seconds.

Ares S1 Project Spyder

AN EXCLUSIVE MODEL – Ares Design is an atelier specialized in the customization of luxury cars founded by the Swiss manager Dany Bahar, known mainly for his period driving the Lotus which ended in 2014. Ares, which is based in Modena and can count on many professionals from the Modena “Motor Valley”, over the years it has expanded its product portfolio by announcing original models such as the Ares Project Panther, a supercar inspired by the De Tomaso Pantera (known coupé produced from 1971 to 1993) and built on the basis of the Lamborghini Huracan. The Panther was then joined by another model, the Ares S1, a road supercar that will be produced in 2021 in 24 units. Focusing on exclusivity, the Modenese atelier today announces the version without the roof: the S1 Project Spyder.


FLOW STUDY – The Ares S1 Project Spyder is a supercar which, like the coupé counterpart, will be produced in 24 units and characterized by a “boat” body without the windscreen and roof. In order to improve the driving experience and comfort, without sacrificing the thrill of the wind, the designers have created two special deflectors able to pass the air over the passengers and convey it behind the headrests so as to create a sort of “protection bubble”. The sinuous body of the Ares S1 Project Spyder is made of carbon fiber and was made with an artisanal process. The interior is luxurious and opulent, finished with Nappa leather and Alcantara details. There is also a multimedia system whose screen is positioned on the leather console that separates the two front seats.

THE ENGINE – Under the body, the Ares S1 Project Spyder houses a naturally aspirated V8 engine with 715 hp at 8,800 rpm, 0-100 km / h in 2.7 s, and transfers torque to the rear wheels. The dual-clutch automatic transmission has 8 gears.

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