The  Audi has signed an agreement with  Faw that will lead to joint production of electric vehicles for the Chinese market. The collaboration was announced at the Germany-China Automobile Conference held in the city of Changchun. The partnership confirms a long-standing alliance between the two companies as well as between Faw and the Volkswagen group, already linked by a joint venture specializing in the production of motor vehicles.


The EPP lands in China
Audi Faw China

Through this agreement, the German company intends to further increase its presence in Asia as a supplier of sustainable premium mobility. Specifically, the brand with the Four Rings plans to bring Premium Platform Electric ( PPE ) – the base for electric vehicles developed together with Porsche – to China with the aim of facilitating the transition to electrification in what is the main market of the brand. According to this project, the first PPE-based zero-emission Audi models are expected to start being produced in China from 2024.


The project already in progress

Audi Faw China

However, activities in this regard have already begun: the two companies are in fact jointly producing the Q2L e-tron and A6L TFSIe with plug-in hybrid technology. Furthermore, since the end of September the e-tron, which was originally imported, has also been produced in the Chinese plant in Changchun. In the coming years, the electric range destined for the Asian country should be enriched with new models, with Audi’s goal of selling in China, by 2025, one-third of its zero- and low-emission units produced.


Deliveries are also growing in 2020

Speaking of numbers, from January to September 2020 the German manufacturer delivered 512,081 vehicles in China, recording a growth of 4.5% compared to the same period of the previous year despite the coronavirus emergency. Through the Faw-Volkswagen joint venture, Audi can also count on four locations in the country of the dragon dedicated to vehicle production: in Changchun, Foshan, Tianjin and Qingdao, with a total capacity of approximately 700,000 vehicles per year.

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