Two years after the first anticipations, the Bulgarian brand Alieno has unveiled some new photos of its Arcanum hypercar, a very sporty one that recalls the most recent Lamborghini lines.

Alien Arcanum the Bulgarian supercar of the future

It looks like a Lamborghini… but it isn’t! We presented it to you over two years ago, when the company that will have to put it on the road had come to life, and today we can finally give you some more details. Don’t you remember it? Here it is: it’s called Alieno Arcanum and it’s an extreme supercar that adopts futuristic technologies never before seen in the automotive world, starting with its sensational electric motor which, according to an official statement, seems to be able to deliver the beauty of 5,221 horses and 8880 Nm of maximum torque. 

The purpose? To become the most powerful and futuristic car ever produced, with a body with angular and cutting shapes intended to maximize its aerodynamic efficiency at high speeds. Looking at it closely, in fact, it is very reminiscent of the latest generation Lamborghinis, such as the Aventador SVJ or even the Sesto Element, from which, however, it stands out for its even more pronounced facets on the sides and for the central “fin” that connects the final part of the roof with the mammoth rear wing, aimed at ensuring maximum downforce for the first-class grip on the asphalt.

Alien Arcanum the Bulgarian supercar of the future

Compared to the first renderings produced by the Alieno brand, which only present the exterior of the car, today we can also show you the images of the possible interiors that characterize this hypercar. As you can see in the photos in the gallery accompanying this article, the cockpit seems closer to the cockpit of a spaceship than to a racing sports car, especially due to the presence of eight displays that make the whole experience completely digital. of rider and passenger. But that’s not all: in the cockpit of the Arcanum, you can also see two cup holders with heating and cooling functions, sports seats with electronic heating, robotic steering with integrated display and the centre console “suspended” as if it were floating.

Alien Arcanum the Bulgarian supercar of the future

Really interesting and flashy peculiarities for this hypercar, which for the moment has not entered production but is still at the prototype stage on paper (or rather, on-screen). Any anticipation of its retail price? As announced by the Alieno brand, the Arcanum will be built exclusively to order and will be able to count on different versions, with a price list starting at 750 thousand euros but able to reach 1.5 million euros for the top of the range model. We will keep you posted.

Inside Alien Arcanum the Bulgarian supercar of the future

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